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Dolly The Clown 201-712-0393 Dolly The Clown  201-712-0393
  Dolly The Clown is the clown for your special event. She twists and turns balloons into some of the most amazing creations you will ever see: princesses, pirates, baskets overflowing with flowers, butterflies that look like they are ready to take flight and so much more. She performs magic that makes children and adults wonder while they giggle. Plus, she paints faces with whimsical colors and patterns. Let your child spend the day as their favorite superhero or fairy princess and let Dolly make it magical for them.

Ask her about her children's healthy eating program, a fun way to encourage youngsters to eat right and exercise. She is also available for school and corporate occasions.

Give her a call at 201-712-0393.
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